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We relentlessly screen for any Virtual Assistant with extensive business experience, passion for success, and the desire to support a winning team.

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We start by comprehensively interviewing you to understand your business, specific needs, and goals that no other company will offer.

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We’re top-ranked at Virtual Assistance for a reason. We always have a trained backup VA ready for companies hiring a home-based virtual assistant.

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A Homebased Virtual Assistant that you can count on.

WordPress upkeep, keyword research, customer service via email, website maintenance, social media management, FB Ads setup and targeting, and general admin tasks, we know each of these (and more) like the back of our hands.


But hey, this is not about us. It is about you! We want you to devote your time to do the things that you love doing and do so well. All that we want is for you to remove some load off your shoulder so that you focus in your zone of genius. Contact us when you are ready to get started!

What We Offer

Virtual Assistance & Related Services

Executive Admin Assistant

We provide C-level assistance for busy executives who want to concentrate on their business and are in need for executive administrative professionals for their administrative tasks.

Social Media Marketing

Get more visibility for your brand. We have trained social media experts who can help you with your company’s products and services and provide the best strategies.

Design Services

Optics is everything, and our company can help you with marketing materials, logos, and web design to maximize your business’s earning potential and growth.

Scheduling and Planning

Optimize your calendar management by hiring a trained VA who can be a customer service representative to take care of your meetings, seminars, business trips, and personal events.

Writing & Editing

To build your website’s audience, content is everything. We have trained writers and editors who can provide high-quality, SEO – optimized content for your business’s website.

Research and Reports

Compiling reports and relevant internet research are necessary tasks for a thriving business. Our trained Virtual Assistants in our VA business can help you accomplish these tasks efficiently.

What is a

Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a homebased entrepreneur offering administrative, organizational, and technical services without having to report physically to a business or an office.

Independent Contractor

A VA works from home as an independent contractor and offers a full range of collaborative-style business support service which includes but is not limited to personal assistance, administrative coordination, project organization, public relations, marketing, research, technical assistance, among many other things.

An Added Feather

Whether the client runs a small or medium-sized business or a Fortune 500 company, a Virtual Assistant is undoubtedly an added feather to running a business as smoothly as one can ever think of.

Cost effective Option

Unlike a full-time employee, a business owner is not necessarily required to spend on the VA’s health insurance premium, taxes, and even with expenses to procure office space and equipment. All that one needs to pay is a small retainer to make the VA as an “on call” assistant to the day-to-day tasks of his business. This makes a virtual assistant a cost effective option to keeping the office overhead under control.

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Our Virtual Assistants hold varied home-based virtual assistants positions for business people like you in many parts of the planet

Virtual Assistant Remote Jobs

Sound like we’re the kind of VA team you’d like to work?

We’re always looking for talented virtual assistants who can perform a wide variety of tasks to join our team. In the same vein, we are also actively looking for businesses who are seeking to fill in any virtual assistant position.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what our clients are saying.

I finally decided to have my VA and this agency, Home Based Virtual Assistant, has given me a dedicated VA. I couldn’t be any happier with my first VA. They have my highest recommendation!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a homebased virtual assistant?

A home virtual assistant is a skilled worker who provides technical and administrative help to business owners. They usually accomplish all the work from a remote location; thus the term “virtual office”. Companies hire virtual assistants from job posts as remote jobs to do all variety of tasks to help their day-to-day operations.

What exactly does a virtual assistant do?

Home virtual assistants or personal assistants do executive administrative tasks for business clients that some companies are too busy to do. Usually, these tasks are administrative tasks that are better outsourced to jobs online than done by in-house employees. 

What can a virtual assistant do for my business?

Some of the services that an administrative assistant or personal assistant provides include social media management, project management, event management, calendar management, preparing reports, booking hotels and restaurants, simple digital marketing tasks, blogging, payroll, SEO services, graphic design, content writing and editing, database management, data entry, and IT services. 

What are the benefits of having a virtual assistant?

There are numerous benefits when you hire virtual assistants. Business clients look in job boards or job posts to hire a job seeker who can be a home based virtual assistant. Companies that hire virtual office VA are now posting openings for virtual assistants because of the following:

  1. Reduced Labor Costs
  2. Hiring a remote job employee will mean you need to pay his salary, taxes, sick days, leaves, worker’s compensation, and medical benefits. When you hire home virtual assistants, you only need to pay them for the days or hours per week they work for you. They’re independent contractors so they handle all their expenses, taxes, etc.

  3. Increased Productivity
  4. The office environment has many distractions. As home jobs, virtual assistants earn more by saving on transportation costs and can dedicate their skills and more time, etc. to finishing their tasks without those distractions to bother them. Because they want more business in the future, satisfaction by happy clients is always their number one goal.

  5. Increased Flexibility
  6. When your company hires remote, these highly-motivated home virtual assistant jobs aren’t just tied to a nine-to-five schedule. Because they’re usually home-based, their schedules are more flexible than an ordinary office assistant. Plus, you can end your contract with them at any time if you’re dissatisfied with their services and hire a new one.

  7. Improved Work Quality
  8. There are many tasks that we’re sometimes too busy with time, etc. to do such as checking emails, answering phone calls, managing your website, etc. Openings for virtual receptionists include these mundane tasks to let you concentrate on more meaningful tasks for your company or business.

  9. Reduced Risk in Scaling Operations
  10. There are times when you’re not sure if it’s good to expand your company hires. Okay, relax. Hiring full-time employees right at their home might offer a big risk if your plans don’t materialize. As career advice, hiring VAs is a good way to find your office assistant match and gradually expand your operations. With extra money as your business expands, you can add more home based virtual assistants or hire work from home VA.

  11. Skills Any Business Needs
  12. It’s highly unlikely that your staff has all the skills needed by the company. Plus, some of those skills are highly-specialized such as those in graphic design. Hiring VAs would be a good workaround or primary sidebar for that dilemma. It enables you to outsource the tasks you need to do at an affordable rate for more happy clients.

How are virtual assistants driving business value?

One of the ways home-based virtual assistants drive business value is teamwork. If you work as a team with your VA, you can give feedback on the way he does tasks in creating a better outcome for your business. It’s better to work flexibly rather than creating a long-term roadmap. Focus on the tasks or job description you want to delegate to a VA as your team delegate and go from there.

Why do people use virtual assistant?

VAs can give you more time to focus on very important tasks by doing these administrative tasks themselves. Tasks for clients included in openings for virtual office VA jobs can even free up more of your time for family and personal projects. 

Who uses virtual assistants?

Hiring a virtual assistant is more popular than you think. Companies hiring for virtual receptionists have already seen the value in VAs and are now fully taking advantage of the benefits. Job postings or job alerts from business owners who look for home-based virtual assistants or personal assistants include:

  • Real Estate Brokers, Agents, and Property Managers
  • Law Firms
  • IT Firms
  • Accounting and Financial Firms
  • eCommerce
  • Home Business or Homebased Businesses
  • Marketing Firms offering services of a virtual assistant